Got A Cool Gadget Idea Then ThinkGeek Wants To Hear About It

ThinkGeek is among the stores which have cleverly introduced awesome gadgets and fun together all one place! However they’re providing the opportunity for anybody having a awesome gadget idea to submit the concept for them and when it will get with the ThinkGeek IdeaFactory process, it may be made and also the creator is paid for that idea! Consider getting your opinions cap on, I’m considering &#8230..! That might be telling, would it not?

This is the way the entire submission process works

You submit your idea: We&#8217ll require a written description as well as an picture of the concept.

The look could be a rendering or perhaps a detailed drawing.

ThinkGeek will take a look at idea, make certain it passes the caveats, and respond within two months.

When we decide to result in the product and also you get compensated

Source [Think Geek]

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