China’s ZTE not worried about Apple, patent litigation over it’s Android-based handsets

“China’s ZTE Corp, the world’s fourth-biggest mobile phone vendor, is unfazed by the possibility of being sued by Apple Inc over patent violations, and is looking to boost its own patents and find unique designs and features for its range of handsets,” Lee Chyen Yee reports for Reuters.

“In the wake of Apple’s patent victory over South Korea’s Samsung Electronics in the United States last week, ZTE and other phone makers that use Google’s Android operating system were cited as being at risk if Apple opted to extend the lawsuit beyond Samsung,” Yee reports. “‘We’re not worried about it. As a listed company we’re very careful when it comes to our phone designs to make sure we don’t violate any patents,’ Luo Zhongsheng, vice president of ZTE’s handset division, told Reuters on Tuesday.”

Yee reports, “The Shenzhen-based firm has been making its phones slimmer and sleeker, while packing in more power and features. ‘We’ve been trying to improve the exterior design from this year. A few years ago, some people may think ZTE phones are ugly, but now, the feel is different,’ Luo said. In terms of software, ZTE executives said they hoped the Mifavor user interface would help the company set its phones apart from rival brands… The company is also being investigated by the FBI over allegations it illegally sold U.S. computer products to Iran. Separately, the European Union is investigating whether ZTE benefited unfairly from Chinese government subsidies.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: That crap-peddler sounds as if they understand patents about as thoroughly as did Samsung.

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