10,000 Comments and a Few Site Milestones

Yesterday this site reached 10,000 approved comments. I’d been watching the site dashboard pretty closely for a few days as it approached this number, just because it’s a big, round number and it feels like a solid number to have hit since the site launched in January of 2010.

What I most like about the 10,000 comments number is that we have had such a very high percentage of useful, constructive comments. Quality comments and good discussion – and very, very few comments that are troll-like or nasty and attacking. I’m sure the quality of the comments enhances the quality of the posts here.

While I’m here I’ll quickly mention a few other site milestones that I feel quite happy about:

– We’ve published over 3,200 posts

– We now have over 20,000 followers on RSS and social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

– iPad Insight is on track for over 6 million page views this year.

Huge thanks to all of you who visit the site and have made these milestones possible. Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, and thanks for all your great participation in the comments. I have a ton of fun running this site, and I look forward to working harder at making this an enjoyable and useful place to visit for insight on all things iPad.

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