To Jailbreak or Not To Jailbreak, That Is The Question


Have you wished that you could be like your friends who jailbroke their iPhones? Do you already have an idea how but need further help? Than look no further check out “Learn Jailbreaking and Top Tweaks.”

There are a lot of iPhone users out there that are somewhat dissatisfied with the limitations the iPhone. To those who want something more, check out the new book, “Learn Jailbreaking and Top Tweaks” from Mitch Stevens of You can find the Kindle version at for $9.99 but if you use this link it will take you directly to the eBook- If you are having problems with the link just go to and search “Learn Jailbreaking and Top Tweaks.”

 Here is a quote from – “Learn Jailbreaking tips and the Top cydia tweaks to install after the Jailbreak. Learn iOS tips and techniques for all iOS devices. These are things which took me years to learn compiled into one ebook.”

 A direct quote from a sample of the ebook: “One of the best reasons for jailbreaking is the ability to customize the iOS to suit each individual. There are hundreds of different Cydia tweaks and themes that can change anything imaginable on your device.”

 If you really want to learn about jailbreaking then this book is for you. I, personally, did not jailbreak my iPhone, call it chicken.




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