Top five new features has been introduced in iTunes 11

Long awaited version of iTunes 11 has been finally launched. Users will be able to enjoy totally new redesigned version of iTunes after downloading. In October, Apple said that they have to delay the launch of iTunes 11 for one month as they have to go for some minor changes, but believe me they have launched a milestone with distinct specification.
The general philosophy for the iTunes has remained same in iTunes 11. It will still be the hub of digital content with store to buy, download and rent new things. It is also core centre where you can take pleasure from iOS media and software synchronisation applications. The new features you will be encountering are discussed below:

  1. New interface: The interface for iTunes 11 is totally new with less UI chrome and more whitespace. The left side column does not exist in the new interface, default view is set be grid, album arts can be expended to reveal the list of songs and you can even use it as old iTunes 10.
  2. iCloud integration: Deep integration with iCloud is the most highlighting feature of iTunes 11. Browsing the content is much easier in this version and users will be able to download specific song rather than the whole album. This iClouding results in the boost up sales of iTunes store.

Buying one song from one artist album is quite technical and hard selling, that is why users are also allowed to switched back to old version as they want.

  1. Up next: Up Next is the new feature in iTunes 11 which is reminiscent for the queuing features. Users will be able to place some tracks in queue and next song will be automatically played after the current one. It is the perfect party tool.
  2. New mini player: Redesigned mini player is prepared with best abilities to search directly from small windows. This also allows you to manage queue without actually opening the app.
  3. Better search: The search function of new iTunes is much improved. It has pop up interface for searching the results from artist, songs and albums.

Users can download iTunes 11 from Apple store.

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