PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: Edible iPad For Valentine’s Day

iPad Cupcake

Nothing feels better than making something from scratch. Whether you’re making a crocheted Narwhal for you friend’s birthday, or building a bike out of bamboo, doing it yourself is a satisfying way to get what you want. The best part is that, DIY projects are always one-of-a-kind because you can make it your own. Last week, we told you about an iPad strap that keeps your tablet from being snatched away by speedy thieves. This week, we are getting ready for Valentine’s Day with the sweetest iPad treat you could ever have.

I know, a cupcake with a fondant iPad on top is not exactly a DIY project, but if your sweetheart loves his or her Apple tablet, this will be the best Valentine’s Day gift you could give, except maybe a new iPad of course.

This project is excellent because you can make which ever cupcake recipe you like and just add the iPad to the top. My favorite cupcake for the Valentine’s holiday is the tried-and-true Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting.

To make the iPad cupcake topper, you’ll need fondant in either black or white, piping gel, a food safe paintbrush, scissors, and an edible print out of an iPad screen. The last ingredient is the hardest. However, the project’s author, Danlynne, recommends trying your grocery store bakery or a local cake shop. Edible print outs are not as uncommon as you’d think.

ipad cupcake 2

Bring your image to the cake shop in the size you want. I recommend about an inch high. You’ll want as many copies as cupcakes you’ll be making. So, if you want 24 cutouts, you might as well put them all on one sheet to save money.

The first thing you will do is roll out the fondant until it is very thin and then cut a rectangular shape. You will then add your edible iPad screen by using a light layer of piping gel as glue. When you trim down the size, be sure to add an edge to make it look like a real iPad.

Smooth the sides, adjust the screen, and make a tiny home button using a toothpick and a dab of food coloring. Stick it to the top of your well-frosted cupcake and repeat.

ipad cupcake 3

Not only will you have an iPad for your sweetheart, you’ll have two dozen of them. Disclaimer: If you tell your sweetheart that you got him or her two-dozen iPads for Valentine’s Day, you’d better back it up with at least one real one or you’ll be in the doghouse until next Valentine’s Day.

Thanks to Danlynne for showing us how to make these adorable and delicious looking iPad treats. Check out her profile on Instructables to see all of her sweet ideas.

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