Make Your iPhone Look Like Windows Phone 8 With This DreamBoard Theme


Do you want to give your iPhone a Windows Phone 8 makeover? You can now do that if you’ve jailbroken your iPhone.

A new DreamBoard theme called iWphone8 iPhone5 brings the Windows Phone 8 look and feel to the iPhone.

Unlike the Metroon theme, which was quite feature rich, iWphone8 iPhone5 is essentially a Windows Phone 8 skin on the iPhone’s Home screen. Here are some of the features of the theme:

  • It replaces the static Home screen icons with the tile interface, giving quick access to default iOS apps such as Camera, Phone, Safari, Mail, Messages, Settings, Calculator, App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks etc, some third-party apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Skype, Shazam etc, and even jailbreak apps such as Cydia and iFile.
  • Tapping on the tiles on the start screen launches the appropriate app. It doesn’t display any real time information from the apps, which is one of the popular features of Windows Phone 8 operating system, but uses information such as the badge numbers to dynamically display the information on the tile for the relevant application.
  • It also has a Quick notes section, that allows you to take notes on the start screen and an RSS reader (though I really couldn’t figure out how to configure it). The scrolling wallpaper section which you can see in the video below is quite cool.
  • Swiping on the right gives you access to all the apps installed on your iPhone, which you can scroll through vertically. They’re in alphabetic order.


  • Tapping on the Settings icon in the top right corner gives you access to the Settings panel, where you can change the color of the tiles, background for the app Home screen, change the time format, change your default messaging app to biteSMS and an option to go back to Dreamboard, which allows you to revert back to the default iOS Home screen.


  • You can double press the Home button to access the app switcher. Zephyr also kind of works with the theme, but it’s not very smooth.

You can check out the detailed demo of the theme below:

If you like what you see then you can grab the iWphone8 iPhone5 theme from Cydia for $1.5 using the download links provided below on your jailbroken iPhone.

Let me know what you think of the theme in the comments below.

Download Links:

DreamBoard – Free

iWphone8 iPhone5 – $1.5

iWphone8 for iPhone 4S/iPhone 4 – $1.5

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