Jumbo Caller ID

You know that as we age, some of us do experience a “breakdown” in our body parts, that goes without saying. After all, mankind was not “built” to last, so to speak, so some of us start to require a pair of glasses, while others lose their sense of hearing (or even to the scourge of Alzheimer’s, the Long Goodbye). Good thing is, there has been medical advances which have helped stunt or arrest some of these degradations, although some like Alzheimer’s, have no clear cure in sight yet. Still, those who are suffering from poorer eyesight will be pleased to hear that there is help in the form of surgery in some cases, correction lenses, and just for today, the $24.95 Jumbo Caller ID.

Yes sir, the Jumbo Caller ID says it all, doesn’t it? It sports a bright, backlit LCD display that works as named, giving you all the nitty gritty required at a glance as to who is calling (as long as the name of the caller is entered into the database, of course) in addition to the number. It all remains whether you want to pick up the call or not. The Jumbo Caller ID will feature enough memory for up to 99 names and numbers, has a message waiting indicator, caller ID callback, and over a dozen more other functions to keep senior citizens happy. Since it comes in bi-lingual (English and Spanish) support, something tells me that this targets the Americas more than anywhere else. Powered by a quartet of AAA batteries, the Jumbo Caller ID even doubles up as an alarm clock with snooze, now how about that?

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