BlackBerry 10: Which Apps Will (and Won’t) Ever Be There

Earlier this week it was reported that Netflix has no plans to develop a BlackBerry 10 app. While that specific nugget of news wasn’t surprising, we began to wonder what other popular apps may or may not be coming to BB10.

After all, BlackBerry did say at launch this past January that BlackBerry World had over 70,000 apps for its latest operating system. Not too bad. But really, which of the most obvious and popular apps on Android, iOS, and even Windows Phone might you see on BB10? Here’s the full rundown, straight from the developer’s mouths.


BlackBerry managed to secure several notable launch partners, like the impressively-longer-than-expected list below. But not all of these are currently available. For instance, Rdio and ooVoo have committed to the platform but haven’t actually finished building their respective apps. While they weren’t announced as a launch partner, Kayak has also committed to BlackBerry 10 with a port of its Android app. But hey, there’s still some time before the US launch. Like maybe a week or two.


As expected, there’s an even longer list of companies whose official response was basically “We have nothing to report at this time” or they were “keeping an eye on BB10” or more simply put, “ew” (no seriously, that was one prominent dev’s response). When asked if and which apps from Google’s stable might reach BB10, the company had this to say: “Our goal is to make our products available to as many people as possible. We’re always evaluating different platforms, but have no detailed plans to share at this time.” Or, if you’re Nike, you’re sticking to your one trick pony: “Not at this time – we are working to maximize the experience on iOS.”


But wait! There are one or two companies who are thinking about maybe, possibly, one day down the road, making an app. Like, Shazam, for instance, “Shazam does not currently have a BB10 app, but may in the future.” Or if you’re Pandora you could give a long-winded response that could be misinterpreted as being coy, which could be misinterpreted as something to read between the lines, or not: “We don’t talk about potential future product offerings, so I unfortunately don’t have a firm answer as to if or when Pandora would be available on Blackberry 10 phones.”

For those of you not fluent in app iconese, here’s the breakdown.
Yea: Dropbox, ESPN Scorecenter, Facebook, Foursquare, Kindle, LinkedIn, The Weather Channel, Twitter, and WhatsApp.
Nay: Instagram, Netflix, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Amazon, Seamless, Yelp, IMDb, Starbucks, Yahoo, Spotify, Flipboard, Nike+ Fuelband, Nike+ Running, Hulu+, HBO Go, Square, Pocket, ebay, and PayPal.

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