Kensington hopes to increase iPad Air productivity with new KeyFolio keyboard cases


Any purchase of a modern day smartphone or tablet would be incomplete if it does not come with the relevant kind of accessories to go along with it. The recently announced iPad Air would be a good example, and this might be the very reason that the folks over at Kensington has decided to do something about the situation. As a result, they have come up with a quartet of new iPad keyboard cases for the iPad Air, where each one of them will offer a superior keyboard experience that is touted to match a desktop keyboard when it comes to for comfort, accuracy, responsiveness, and convenience, while you are on the go, of course. The four keyboard cases would be the Kensington KeyFolio Pro, the Kensington KeyFolio Executive, the Kensington KeyCover Hard Case, and the Kensington KeyFolio Exact.

Regardless of which model you choose, they will all arrive with half a dozen rows of island keys, where each of them will feature a dedicated space to increase the level of typing accuracy. Not only that, all KeyFolios will come with its own unique set of thoughtful touches. For instace, some of the keyboards will arrive with a trio of magnetic positioning wells for viewing-angle adjustments, while others will feature a stylish zipper closure option. There will also be a full suite of iOS shortcut keys, where among them include cut/paste, Siri and a couple of usable shift keys, making it perfect to avoid unnecessary finger acrobatics, especially when it comes to left-handers.

Of course, it goes without saying that once you have one of these Kensington KeyFolio iPad keyboard cases, your iPad Air would gain additional protection against unwanted scratches and nicks without having to add any unnecessary bulk. The battery life itself is quite phenomenal – we are talking about 960 hours of working time and 180 days of standby time, nowhow about that? Not only that, each new Kensington KeyFolio purchase would arrive with up to 65GB of free Google Drive storage for one year that is worth $42. The Kensington KeyFolio Pro, Kensington KeyFolio Executive, Kensington KeyCover Hard Case, and Kensington KeyFolio Exact will retail for $99.99, $119.99, $79.99, and $129.99, respectively.

Press Release
[ Kensington hopes to increase iPad Air productivity with new KeyFolio keyboard cases copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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