How to Optimize an Ecommerce Website for iPad

Many ecommerce business owners are striving to optimize their websites for use on mobile devices. Yet market research shows that iPad users are actually more likely to make a purchase than users of regular smartphones. This may be due to the larger screen size of tablets, as well as the ability to use touchscreen features like hyperlinks more effectively. There are several ways to harness the popularity of the iPad, including optimizing your ecommerce website for the tablet or even creating a special iPad app. If you already have an existing website, there are a few things you can do to make it a bit more usable for tablet owners.

Familiarize yourself with the iPad

Before you get started with reworking your website for iPad use, it’s best to become comfortable with a tablet yourself. Visit other ecommerce websites and make a note of which design features work well and which are cumbersome on the tablet’s screen. By noting these features, you can include the winning ones into your own website as you start the design process.

Use Large Features

Although the screen may be smaller, when you’re optimizing your website for an iPhone or iPad you’ll actually want to make distinguishing features bigger. It’s easier for users to navigate from one screen to the next with large visible buttons and clear categories. Don’t be afraid to maximise the size of your photos in your website templates design. Small fonts will be hard to read, so be sure to increase these to save your viewers’ eyesight.

Avoid Flash

Your existing website may have an appealing and impressive flash intro, or product videos with customized animation. Banner ads are also commonly seen on regular ecommerce sites. Yet these types of features don’t translate well to the iPad, slowing down loading times and frustrating customers to the point where they may just give up and visit another website.

Add More Checkout Options

One of the most important factors to consider when designing any online shopping site is making the checkout process as easy as possible. You may already use a website builder that gives you access to several different payment gateways on your primary ecommerce website. However, entering credit card details, addresses, and personal information on an iPad can be quite fiddly. By integrating your checkout system with larger gateways like PayPal, your customers can just log in to their existing account to pay you.

These are only a few ways to help convert visits to sales and make a visit to your online shop more user-friendly. As your business grows, you may wish to consider developing a unique app for your shop to entice even more visitors. Staying on top of the latest mobile and tablet commerce trends can help ensure that your site stays fresh, relevant, and profitable.

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