now the users of iOS 6 can install the App store apps through Facebook without leaving the page

Apple and Facebook came closer in the last month of 2012, as users of Facebook iOS 6 can now download applications from app store through pop-up without leaving the Facebook page. In this way Facebook can attract more developers to buy their ads.
Few days ago news about the extended relationship between Apple and Facebook came. Now with your iOS 6 you can share to Facebook quickly and you can also sync your contacts through which you can get your Facebook friends profile in address book of your device.In order to boost the mobile app install ads that have been launched recently, Facebook is making use of mini App store dialog. Through this the developers will now pay in order to show the description, install button and image of their app in the news feed of Facebook. Facebook has taken this step to lead the app economy.

Now the developers will get the freedom on Facebook to customize their creative ads and they will also be able to see the installation analytics in relation to demographics which include gender, age and country. So now the developers can reach relevant audiences for mobile app install ads.

The mobile app install ads can be bought on the basis of cost per click rather than on the basis of cost per download. The developers will now be cautious regarding this as it is not necessary that people will complete the download process.

In the process of “ad click to install” you will now encounter much less friction. This will attract more developers toward Facebook for the purpose of marketing.

Now it wil be interesting to see that whether Google will let Facebbook build its pop-ups in Google.

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