Facebook revealed its app traction with 350 apps and 1 million active users per month

Few days ago, Facebook declared the new figures regarding usage of Facebook app on its site and its integration into mobile phones like Android and iPhones. According to Facebook, at present there are a total of three fifty apps on Facebook which brings in 1 million active customers each month. Company also stated that there are about two hundred thousand Android and iPhone apps that are in integration with Facebook.
According to Facebook, in the month of June facebook was at the 7th position among top 10 apps on iPhone and in August it was at 8th position. In the month of August, about 150 million users visited the apps on Facebook and there were about 235 million gamers. The recent figure shows that there are about 251 million gamers and about 220 million users that visit the app per month.

Company further added that among the 400 iOS apps more than 45% use Facebook SDK. The company also highlighted its association with several eweb and mobile apps and for this reason they call themselves “social building block”.

Facebook seems to be the fastest growing network. With this growth comes the responsibility and therefore Facebook is now thinking to deal with the consumer desire on its site for features that have been introduced by new networks.

A Le Web conference was held in Paris in the month of December this year, in which Facebook revealed that Paris has acquired the second place for development of Facebook timeline app while San Francisco is at the third place.

Social game ranking by Facebook for the year 2012:

Few days back, Facebook announced the top 25 social games for the year 2012. Only those games were included which were launched in 2012 and which had 100,000 active users per month. Games were ranked by looking at the star ratings by user and the engagement levels of user.

SongPop, a game by music trivia is at the top position in 2012. Majority of these games belong to places outside U.S which include France, U.K, Spain, Australia, South Korea, Brazil

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