Concept Futuristic SPF Smartphone

The emergence of a fully touchscreen phone was a real revolution in the industry, the touch interface allows you to control a mobile phone completely new way. However, this is not the limit. High technology is constantly evolving, and in the future there will be other ways to manage the cell phones. The futuristic SPF smartphone concept uses a new type of virtual touch technology (ViTo) which is a control system that allows you to replace the typical touch experience with a gesture based one.
The smartphone is equipped with two displays and controlled user gaze. Built-in sensors monitor the position user pupils and interpret them as control commands, doing minor touch interface option, which is not essential. Moreover, the gadget also provides for another futuristic method of control, the so-called “virtual touch”. User makes the same movements as you would with a touch screen. Just longer no necessary touch of screen.

Future technology Concept Futuristic SPF Smartphone

A cameras with dynamic stabilization of operating in the visible and infrared ranges. There will be two cameras on the edges of the phone, that will detect your eyes and detect the time needed to focus on a virtual keyboard. The smartphone will support induction charging and it will be powered by photovoltaic cells, too, so sun charging is also here.
As a nice bonus on smartphone there a complete lack a connections and technological holes on the body, which makes the SPF is fully protected, including waterproof. There is also a recorder of “environmental hazards” potentially the dangerous radiation.
Designer Andrey Kamaev

Future technology Concept Futuristic SPF Smartphone

Future technology Concept Futuristic SPF Smartphone

Future technology Concept Futuristic SPF Smartphone

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