Concept USB Drive

This is a very interesting gadget, with which is very convenient copy files from a flash drive on a USB flash drive. It is just a concept, but the device is promising, as it avoids the use of a computer as an intermediary.
Device semi-circular, more like a horseshoe. At the ends of it are two USB-ports for the two flash drives or hard drives, and the upper part of the body is a touch screen. The device uses the main advantage of NAND-memory, non-volatility, and simply simulates a working PC.

Future technology Concept USB Drive

Being included, this high-tech a horseshoe displays on its display the contents of both drives and allows a simple flick of the finger on the touchscreen to move the file to a USB drive to another. Since this only concept, its performance characteristics are unknown. In fact, such a device collect is a snap, the flexible displays longer not anything futuristic. Perhaps in the future, these gadgets will become very popular, because flash drive and pocket hard drives have long been replaced on the optical drives.
Designer: Dongwook Kim

Future technology Concept USB Drive

Future technology Concept USB Drive

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