OS X Mavericks: How to Fix 6 Known Issues

OS X Mavericks

New operating systems always bring new problems, and Mavericks is no different. The Migration Assistant in Mountain Lion had a tendency to crash while copying over your files, while other Macs with the OS dropped Wi-Fi after waking from sleep. The Mavericks update seems to have gone smoothly for most, but it’s far from trouble-free. Big issues like flickering USB-attached displays and QuickLook being anything but quick will have to be addressed by Apple. But there are also a number of problems that can be fixed – or at least worked around while Apple cooks up an update. Here are some of the biggest annoyances Mavericks users are currently dealing with and how to fix them. We’ll update the list as new issues arise. If it seems like your free copy of Mavericks has been downloading forever, you’re not alone.

Read the full story at Wired.


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