For the next two years Apple will sale $39 billion in iPad and Macs- Forrester report

Forrester has researched that Apple will be selling $39 billion in iPads and Macs through the year 2014.
The latest report of this firm said that Apple will sale $11 billion of iPad and $7 billion of Macs in the corporate market, this year. Moreover, they will sale $13 billion of iPads and $8 billion in Macs.
Forrester Analyst- Mr. Andrew Bartels has mentioned three reasons of Apple’s success in the corporate market. These are:
An excellent product which employees want to use and they feel proud when their firm gives them.

  1. iPad turns to the first and best class tablet
  2. Apple is corporate sales organisation and has been quite responsive to the demands and offer competitive prices.

Gartner has presented his magical equation for the mobile market as:

Apple is developing a workflow and reportedly said that in October, Apple’s iWork Suite will be integrating with VMware Horizon. This suite will create virtual environment on phone to divide the work from personal data.

Also Android mobile market is growing and showing the industry how it will take shape.

In 2012, the global corporate spending for the Wintel tablets and PCS has been gone down by 4% and it will also be flat in 2013. And this is because the old window desktop PCs will be slowly replaced by windows machines- the Tablets, Laptops and other devices. Lastly, it is forecasted that in 2014, the demand for the PC and windows 8 devices will enjoy 8% increase and this growth will be double digital lesser than the growth of Apple, Linux and Android products.

The growth rate enjoyed by Android and Linux devices is due to the Android tablets- Samsung is leader. They are making their way to the corporate markets and having low base yet high growth rate.

In the nutshell, Apple is continuously forcing fundamentals and changing the way people live and work. In this regards, upcoming challenge is to separate the corporate data from personal data over devices, whether it is Android smartphone or iPad.

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