T-mobile entered into an agreement with Apple. Together they will bring products in the market from the year 2013

The question that why T-mobile does not offer iPhone was always wandering in people’s mind. But now the company T-mobile announced earlier this month that they will be working with Apple. The agreement has been signed with the iPhone maker. According to this agreement both the companies together will bring products to the market in the year 2013. In a press conference, the CEO of T-mobile named Rene Obermann has confirmed this news.

Apple and T-mobile has not given any further information regarding the specifics of this agreement. The agreement might be similar to the agreements that Apple have made with other carriers which include selling either iPad or iPhone or both of them. T-mobile will now offer 3G speeds for its iPhone customers in some metropolitan cities like New York. In the next year, the company will launch an LTE network that will be compatible for iPhone 5.We are in contact with the T-mobile to gather some more information regarding this agreement and their plans and we will convey you more about this news as soon as we get any update.

Update 1: T-mobile said in the release that they have entered in an agreement with Apple and from next year they will bring products in the market. Further details will be available later.

Update 2: Apple has also confirmed this news of agreement between them and T-mobile. T-mobile will offer some of the Apple’s product but it is still not known that which products will be available through T-mobile.

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