Complete downloading of archives for the Tweets- Gift for the year by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo

The CEO of Twitter, Mr. Dick Costolo has fulfilled his promise and announced that Twitter’s users will be soon able to download entire archive of their tweets, from the end of this year. This announcement was interlinking with the questions asked during the discussion of “Twitter’s role in future of the global communication and the democratised access to the information” at University of Michigan sponsored by Ford School of Public Policy and the School of Information at Costolo’s alma mater.
Mind you that this promise is not made first time. He has already made this commitment in September with the Online News Association Conference. Costolo had made announcement that he would love to see this feature introduced in Twitter by the end of this year, as par the engineer’s capacity.

Costolo’s promise may not help him in earning friends among the Twitter’s engineering team. As, his speech has also highlighted that engineers have already informed him that this is not possible by the end of this year. Still he is being constantly making promise with the Twitter users and keeps on arguing with the engineers to come up with the feature, this year’s end.

Now imagine that how much difficult it would be to introduce something like this in just few weeks. In the peak times, Twitter is encountering almost 15,000 tweets per second and 1.3 million timelines. Twitter’s system is designed for the real time distribution and search and not for the searching and distributing of the archives. Still if people want such thing to happen, the entire real time distribution system of Twitter will slow down. For finding such historical tweets, Twitter will need to come up with different type of archival system.

Costolo has shared that tweet sharing is about a billion in every two and a half days. When they have started Twitter Company in 2006, it took almost three years, two months and one day to reach to the first billion tweets. But now this is a matter of only two and a half days- figures has been increased vividly.

One thing that must need to get your attention is that in October 2011, half billion tweets were reported per day. The figures are quite dramatic. More interesting facts have been shared in this conference and are listed below:

  1. After Costolo has taken charge as CEO, Twitter’s users have been increased by 500 million and 350 million tweets per day.
  2. In the World Cup of summers 2010, Twitter has encountered 3000 tweets per second and this was sweating entire team in fear of system crashes. In the recent Election Day of US the tweet figures has reached to 12,000 to 15,000 tweets.
  3. In 90 seconds, 27,000 tweets were generated when the TV show “The X-Factor” has put hashtag.
  4. Twitters entertain the request of every government to take off the tweets for chilling effects.
  5. Twitter is collaborating with Japanese government over the project “Lifeline”. This aims to make lists of the government agencies on Twitter so that people can easily follow them and wake of from disaster and emergency.
  6. Twitter services will not going to charge on more than 140 character limit.

Twitter is also ramping up the big data visualization.

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