Interesting fact- ‘Phablet’ reached to five million channel sales in the period of two months

The channel sales of Samsung’s mini-tablet sized smartphone, named as “Galaxy Note II” has crossed the sales of three million units in just 37 days, announced by Samsung. The cumulative global sales of the device have surpassed more than five million units in just two months of its launch, shared by Korean mobile makers.
Samsung usually do not break out the sales of its devices to the consumers, yet it channel sales have indicated that how much end users are crazy for the device and how much sales channels are enjoying.

Samsung has welcomed Korean press TNW for announcing the channel sales of Note II through press release. Samsung suggested sales for the device are evenly spread in the Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II both devices belong to the Phablet category. This term is coined to explain the device is phone cum tablet because of its larger size than ordinary smartphones and smaller size than the mini tablets. In other words, it is twined between tablet and smartphone that is the reason it is named as Phablet.

The sales of Galaxy Note II, more than average sized smartphone is simply impressive in just two months. In this regards, the sales of Apple’s iPhone 5 is about more than five million units in just three days of its launch. However this figure was referred to the sales to the end users rather than the channel shipments.

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