Share high resolution image with Beamr iPhone app

JPEGmini tech has made it possible to share the high resolution pictures without decreasing quality of the image. The new application for the iPhone is Beamr which let the user’s shares 8 mega pixels and 28 mega pixels panorama photos without compromising the quality. Previously this feature was only supported by Mac devices and server apps, but from today onwards, users will be able to enjoy this at their iPhones.
Previously when users upload their images or share it on other devices, the 90% quality of their picture is being reduced. But, with Beamr now users can enjoy 100% quality image sharing and uploading via emails, Twitter or Facebook.

The Beamr app is established on the basis of JPEGmini tech which compressed the image up to five times. The CTO and co-founder of JPEGmini and maker of Beamr, Mr. Dror Gill has explained the mechanism of technology as it is a mathematical formula which came in existence after the efforts of three consecutive years. It stimulates the vision of humans and gives better results which are highly correlated with the subjective results of the image quality.

He further added that with the same technology they established Beamr app for the iPhone devices to eliminate the stress of photo sharing without compromising with the image quality. Now media files transformation over cellular network is quite easy.

Beamr iPhone application is quite easy to operate. Beamr allows users to choose the picture they want to share in the first step. In the second step, users have to identify the way through which they want to share their image like via email, Twitter or Facebook.

No doubt, Beamr is unique app as it allows the users to share high resolution image. Shared image will be of 8MP or 28MP for panoramas. It actually works as sharing link on the websites where recipients will be allowed to view the attractive magazine style layouts. It also lets the recipients download the shared image. This app is available on iTunes for free.

In the near future, Beamr will come up with video sharing mode so that high quality videos can also be shared easily.

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