iPhone 4S: The millennium device in the world of mobiles

The new iPhone 4S is the example of customerisation which has added congenial colours in the world of mobile devices. It is basically the latest and upgraded version of Apple’s iPhone. Undoubtedly it is almost clear that the prime focus of apple is to penetrate their products into as many number of hands including those who already have iPods. This new launch is mainly focus on price. Unlike previous versions of iPhones, iPhone 4S has overcome various issues and added number of value additions that make it superior and undoubtedly the millennium device. Let’s have a quick review on the features and the specifications of the device.

– A5 chip with a Dual core: A5 chip with a Dual core in iPhone 4S make it faster and prompt than other mobile devices. It is 7 times faster than previous versions, make the difference when you launch any app, ply any game or brows on internet. A5 chip with a Dual core also make iPhone 4S energy efficient and enable you to enjoy the lasting battery.

– iSight camera: Now capture the world with amazing results. iSight camera includes latest optics with the resolution of eight mega pixels and a custom lens with greater aperture of f/2.4. Along with all these things, iPhone 4S has an improved sensor that enable users to take the picture in the professional style.

– Video Recording: Now shooting of high definition videos of one thousand and eight hundred pixels striking are possible with your hand set. Shoot whatever you want. With latest optics and intensity of light, you will get the good results. You can even edit your videos on real time with iPhone 4S.

– I Cloud: This simple and automatic feature reduces your job of managing your files, mails, apps, photos, contacts, calendars and other stuff. Let I Cloud to manage your stuff.

– Retina Display: The screen with highest ever resolution has given iPhone 4S an edge over other devises. With high density of pixels, you can enjoy the true feel of sharper graphics, texts and pictures.

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