Foursquare Live Tiles and Deep Linking (Video)

The new Foursquare app for Windows Phone makes use of some of the cool new features and API’s available in the coming “Mango” update, and some of them are very useful. The one I like the best is the deep-linking feature. Say you’re using Bing’s local search, or Bing maps, or the Local Scout and you tap on a location to see more details. Swiping the screen to the left will show the “Apps” tab that lists a few apps that you can jump into and transfer some context sensitive information over. With the new Foursquare app, a Foursquare button shows up there and pressing it will jump straight into a Foursquare search for the location you had been previously looking at. From there you can tap the location and check in right away. You can also pop up the menu bar at the bottom and pin the location’s Foursquare check-in card right to your Start screen. This is useful if you check into the same place frequently or if you just want a shortcut to someplace that you plan on checking into later that day.

The app update also supports fast app switching so that there is no “resuming” lag time when switching between Foursquare and other apps. Plus, the primary nearby locations screen now supports a tap-and-hold menu for quick check-ins.



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