3d printer

It is not that often that you hear the words 3D Printer and Affordable used in the line, but it seems that in this case it could be true! The downside here is that the PandaBot is currently on Kickstarter to raise funds and the project is a bit short of the pledge target with less than a month to go, we will know in a short while if the PandaBot is to become a reality or not.

Here are the specs for the PandaBot 3D printer;

Print envelope: 11″ x 11″ x 11″

Custom heated capacitive-sensing build-bed, 120C maximum temperature

Maximum nozzle temperature: 265C

Works with 1.75 mm filament

Layer thickness: 0.1 mm

Maximum speed: 60 mm/s

Material: ABS

USB connection

External international 110/220V power supply

Powder-coated aluminium shell

File format: STL or G-code

Software: Panda Robotics G-code generator or your tool of choice

Platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux

The PandaBot is an affordable 3D printer starting at $800 in the US and 500 in the UK

Source [Kickstarter]