ed04 ivee alarm clock The Voice Activated Alarm That Actually Shuts Up When You Tell It To

For the kid in all of us that wants to whine “just five more minutes, Mom!” when the alarm goes off, we’ve got ivee Flex, a voice-activated alarm clock! Of course, it does more than snooze when you tell it to. It’s also an FM radio and timer. Ivee has a giant 5″ LED display, comes with 6 natural, soothing sleep sounds, and responds to over 30 voice commands! (We wish our dogs would respond to half as many.)

It’s also great for acting like we’re Tony Stark, controlling some powerful supercomputer with our voice. Say things like “Today’s date,” “Temperature,” and “Play Radio,” and it will do all those things for you! We’re still figuring out how to get it to respond to other commands, like “Seize him!” and “Launch escape pod!” One day, one day…

via ThinkGeek