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With the advent of smartphones, App Store has been exploded with the apps. Currently iTunes App Store is the hub of 550,000 apps, but it does not mean that all of them are worth paying. So, before you decide to download any app, please have a look to the contributions done by others in reviewing the apps.

Top 10 useless apps for iPhone which you should never try to download and waste your money and time are mentioned here.

  1. Heat sense: This app is designated to give you data about heat released from your fingers by touching the screen. This app works by drawing pattern of your fingers and choosing numbers from different colors. Definitely a waste of time.
  2. Pocket Whip: App designed to generate whipping sound by the flick of phone. The app in view purposeless and contains no excitement for downloading.
  3. Heat pad lite: The app uses thermal imaging to demonstrate your fingerprints when you have touched your screen. For me it is useless as it can be used only one time.
  4. Coke Drink: The app for Coca Cola which let you makes your own coke. You have to take the lid off, add ice and it’s ready to use. Complete waste of time.
  5. Virtual Lighter: App is amazing for gigs and festivals, where you can wave your lighter without fear of any damage. It is a way to play with fire, but what’s a new way to make people foolish.
  6. iBeer: iBeer is same as Coke Drink. Make yourself refreshing beer by adding beer in glass. Also you can prepare other drinks like, champagne, hot chocolate and even water. Indeed useless.
  7. Talking Pierre: A repeater with animation. No use at all for me.
  8. Talking Tom: If you do not get fascinated with Pierre, then how about a cat. This app is quite popular in world, and I am still figuring out the reason. This app however is perfect for those, who want a pet without mess.
  9. Gun Club 2: If you have craze for guns, then this app is worth investing. You can select weapons, load them and fire. Similar apps like Desert Eagle, M4 and M16 are already there, so why Gun Club 2?

10. Shark Fingers: Get yourself your own man eaters. Hungry sharks will attack you and if your finger will be on screen, shark will bite it and put you in blood. You may find intention to download it.

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Now women can get health tips through a new, interactive iPhone app. It is very useful and needful functional app for pregnant women. Every pregnant woman has to face the number of difficulties and problems in her pregnancy period which is a natural phenomenon. Sequentially somewhat to facilitate the life of pregnant women’s and to make the life of future mothers more comfortable, an amazing app “Happy Pregnancy” has been developed. The summary of most useful and important functions of this app is highlighted here.

The app allows you to view growth, development and weight of your baby. You can also see the different stages of development of different organs of your baby, and this app will also predict the preliminary date of child birth.

With weight tracker, you will be able keep track of your weight by knowing limits to be maintained for healthy and fit life, even after the birth of child.

Another amazing feature embedded in this app is questions to the doctors. This function enables you to avail crucial information from your doctors. This app will let you analyze crucial questions to be asked from your doctors, which you might not know. You can record your dates of visits to the doctors by storing them in Calendar. You can also make your notes and also keep your training records.

Happy Pregnancy enables you to measure your abdominal size on timely basis. With this amazing app you can collect all the things in advance that should be taken to hospital. This enables you to remind all the things required at the time of child’s birth. Normally the other family members get confused at that time so it will help them to be ready before that time.

With the feature of contractions timer, you will be able to count seconds and minutes without having watch. You just have to press one button and stop watch will automatically start.

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Mailbox, the new e-mail client that’s had the tech world all atwitter recently, has officially gone live in the App Store. Created by the productivity software masters at Orchestra, the ultimate goal was to reinvent the mobile-specific email experience.

Mailbox’s greatest innovation comes in the way you address e-mails: a single swipe to side will “snooze” still-unread emails, allowing you to effortlessly set them aside as you deal with the more important messages first. Read e-mails can also be deleted with a single swipe, which will supposedly encourage more active inbox cleaning.

Anyone eager to get on board with the behavior-changing mail client is probably in for disappointment. While the app is currently open to the public, you’ll still need to sign up for a wait list that has become almost absurdly long. But at least the app lets you watch your progress in line as it inches along ever so slowly. [iTunes]