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Sprint may be the last of the major carriers to add an early upgrade program, but that doesn’t mean its offer isn’t worth taking a look at.

Sprint OneUp

The OneUp program allows customers to get a new phone as often as every year. Customers won’t get a discounted price for their new phones, but Sprint will cut $15 off the monthly service fee. For a limited time, Sprint said, it is also offering phones for no money down, and giving existing customers that have their phone for at least a year the opportunity to trade in their device and join the program.

And, of course, Sprint’s announcement is well-timed, coming as it does with the launch of new iPhones on Friday. Sprint said OneUp is starting today at its company-owned stores. (The program isn’t available in Florida and Washington, D.C.)

T-Mobile began the trend with its Jump program, which offers customers the ability to trade in their smartphone up to twice a year. The program has a $10-per-month fee, though that also includes device insurance.

AT&T and Verizon added programs of their own, though their offers remove the device subsidy offered on their traditional plans, and don’t offer any corresponding cut in monthly service rates.