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Have you ever wanted to create your very own application for facebook but thought you wouldnt have the time and money to do so? Well now you can with this simple to use program called phpMyFB. phpMyFB is a unique very powerful script that allows you to run an unlimited number of custom apps across an unlimited number of domains. Best of all, you can create these applications using point-and-click methods without having a touch a single line of code!

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Latest SDK / Graph API – As with all of our products, this was built using the latest Facebook PHP SDK. This script uses the latest Facebook Graph API methods and operates on an iFrame-basis.

Unlimited Apps & Domains
_ This script handles creation of unlimited apps across an unlimited number of domains, all from one script! Simply park your domains all on the same account script is hosted on, add domains to panel, and you’re good to go!

Automated Facebook App Settings
– Insert your app IDs and secret keys, and watch your apps become live in minutes as phpMyFB configures all needed settings for you!

Image Templates – Create image templates and actions to use across multiple apps. That way you don’t have to create a new app structure if one of your apps gets shutdown, removed, or deleted!

Add Users Profile Picture – Copy the users profile picture on top of your image template any number of times.

Add Random Friends’ Profile Pictures & Names – Copy any number of random friends’ profile pictures and names on top of your image template.

Add Random Text – Add random text in any font (over 200+ preloaded fonts, or add custom TTF font files), color, size you’d like. With support for dynamic tags and functions (see below)

Dynamic Tags & Functions – Built in dynamic tags and functions for use with Random Text actions allow you to insert random numbers, dates, random friends’ names, and more.

Automated Coordinate Setting – No more having to find X & Y locations like with low-end scripts. Our Javascript-based X/Y picker allows you to pick a location from your image for your actions via point-and-click.

Advanced Template System – Adjust all templates files for your app within the phpMyFB panel (minor HTML knowledge required). Adjust global template files for unconfigured/unchanged app templates with your customizations and advertisement codes.

Support for Manual & Auto Publishing – Configuration options allow you to select manual or auto publishing with each app

Support for Friend Tagging – When random friends are selected (see above), you are given the configuration option to tag them in the published photo.

Fan Page & Canvas App Support – Run your apps as canvas apps, fan page tabs, or both!

Email, Name, Facebook ID harvesting – Configuration options allow you to harvest email, Facebook ID, and full name of every visitor that installs your app.

Application Statistics – See how exactly much publishing is going on with each individual app.

[NEW] App Spinner – Generate app spinner links which are automatically appended to photo captions of cooresponding photos.

Purchase – Only $299.95
Product Features

Script Requirements

PHP5, MySQL, SSL / HTTPS Support (more info)

Admin Panel Demonstration
Admin Demo (Password: devswift)

Sample Application Demonstrations
Profile Stalker
Fortune Cookie
Magic 8 Ball
Top Friends (Video Demo)
This is a video showing how I created Top Friends in less then 10 minutes!

Video Demonstration
Video Demo of us building the very popular Facebook app Top Friends in phpMyFB

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