Boson app


Software Solutions & Technologies AG released an awesome game app called Boson. The iPhone is the perfect platform for gaming and Boson utilizes the iPhone features to provide the gamer a truly entertaining experience.

The objective of the game is to control a Massive Particle Accelerator, also referred to as MPA, by selecting particles that can go inside and destroy others that would cause a nuclear meltdown. You identify the correct particles for the MPA by matching the color of the particle to the constantly changing color of the MPA. You also have to be weary of the anti-matter hovering around. The particles are funky alien like creatures, with several eyes, tentacles, and cool names.

As in any great games, you can up your energy level, get a time bonus, or set off a bomb to help you. The gamer loses, by letting the wrong particles into the MPA which slowly destroys the MPA’s energy field. The difficulty of the game goes up by increasing the speed and number of the particles coming at the MPA.

Boson requires concentration and dexterity to reach the high levels, so it is no surprise that it is highly addictive and a perfect app to have on an iPhone.

Software Solutions and Technologies, the developers of Boson, are giving away Boson app for to promote the newer version of Boson HD for iPad. The offer is limited so be sure to download it and start playing.