Brewmeister Armageddon beer

With a name like Brewmeister Armageddon, you would think that this is a beer that is overstating matters. However, at 65% proof, this would really be beer Armageddon to anyone foolish enough to down an entire bottle as if it is going out of fashion. Normally very strong beers tend to lack flavour, but Brewmeister claim that Armageddon is full flavoured beer with a great taste and price to match.

These are the details for this Brewmeister Armageddon beer;

The world’s strongest beer at 65%. Ingredients include crystal malt, wheat, flaked oats and of course 100% Scottish spring water. We then freeze ferment the beer to bring up the ABV. Consume this like a fine whisky.

However, this may sound interesting but a 330 ml bottle of this Armageddon beer is going to cost you a cool 40 ($64) making it quite an expensive headache.

Source [Incredible Things]