Do you see someone tapping away at blocks on their phones or pads? Curious about what they’re playing? That’s the whole point.

Join thousands of people worldwide to simultaneously chip away at a giant cube to discover the life-changing secret buried inside.

That is the iTunes description of Curiosity. Curiosity is a game that released on iOS and Android devices and was developed by Peter Molyneux‘s development group: 22 Cans. What’s so great about chipping away at a giant cube, one cube at a time? It’s actually pretty fun. It’s the perfect game for killing a little time and it’s also fun trying to meet the challenge of getting rid of every cube. There are literally millions, or billions, of tiny cubes that are being chipped away by thousands of people at once.

You’re playing by yourself, but you’re still part of one collective team. You can mindlessly tap away at blocks, carefully go one at a time, or try to make some fancy design out of the blocks before they are all gone. There is a currency system that can be used to buy things like firecrackers and bombs. There is also a score multiplier that increases with the more blocks you break without stopping. No matter how you choose to go about it, the ultimate goal is always the same: destroy the blocks to reveal the image. Below are just some examples of what I’ve seen so far, the third one looking eerily like the unfinished Death Star in my opinion.

Have you joined in? If so, let us know what you think the secret is. If not, what’s keeping you?