Doctor Who

The Doctor is in… especially if you are a huge fan of the Doctor Who series. Well, I am quite sure that you will not find it difficult to wake up from your sleep in order to catch an episode of Doctor Who on TV, but sometimes, getting up from your bed so that you can arrive at your office on time is far more of a Mission Impossible than anything else. Perhaps you would need something from the world of Doctor Who to help you be fully awake, and what better way to do so than with the $39.99 Doctor Who TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock?

Yes sir, you will be able to face a brand new day in style with this TARDIS-shaped timepiece, where you can tell the time after it has been projected against wall or onto a ceiling, bringing it well into the 21st century. In order to up the realism ante, it will flash some light, while TARDIS noises will play for the alarm. Just make sure you have a trio of AAA batteries on hand always to keep this bad boy going, otherwise you will still be late for work as the alarm fails to go off – simply because it ran out of juice. That’d be a bummer now, wouldn’t it?