Flipping Tip: Know Your Students

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I admit it.

I’m terrible at remembering names even though they are essential in our work.

We know the significance of student-teacher interaction to academic success. Using a person’s name makes our interactions with them a more powerful motivator. So here’s a tip for those of us who are challenged by names.

Early on take time out of your normal agenda to take a picture of each student with your iPhone. You’ll want to match faces with names so take the pictures in class list sequence. If that’s not possible, then print each students name as you photograph them. Tell your students  you value them so much you want to you memorize their names as quickly as possible.

Import each picture into iMovie and label it with the student’s name. You’ll find iMovie’s multi-touch interface intuitive. Just a tap enables you to add your photos. When finished adding the pictures you can add theme music to make your video more entertaining. 

Watch your video frequently until you know the name of each student in your classroom. Watch it anytime your have some downtime like waiting for a bus, commuting, waiting for the doctor or dentist, or waiting in line for an event. 

You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll master your roster but keep it handy. You may need to review it occasionally and make additions.

You’ll find iMovie at the Apple iTunes App Store. It’s well worth the $4.95 investment. It has a 4+ rating from over 1,900 users and needs 403 MB do memory.

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