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Ever heard of Monster Watts before? They sure as heck sound as though they were a company that rolled out audio products, no? Well, Monster Watts is an innovator of power accessories that will cater for both sides of the divide, and I am referring to both Apple and Samsung cmaps here. This time around, the favor lies on folks who prefer to put their weight behind the Samsung brand name, as Monster Watts has a trio of wireless chargers which were specially thought up of for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

I know, most of you out there would be looking forward to nothing but the Samsung Galaxy S4 this coming March 14th, but in the meantime, do remember that the Galaxy S3 still remains the flagship smartphone for Samsung. At least for a couple more days, that is! Having said that. the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been considered by certain quarters to be the most advanced wireless phone to date, but for what it is worth, it still needs to be plugged in to a power outlet whenever its battery levels plummet south.

With Monster Watts’ trio of wireless chargers for the Galaxy S3, you no longer need to fumble with messy cables at night, and neither will you pull the charger out of the wall to answer a call, by accident, break the connector or drop the phone. No sir, kiss those incidences goodbye, as your Galaxy S3 will now gain wireless charging capability within seconds.

Of course, you still have the choice of falling back to the standard issue wall charger if the need arises, but that is entirely your choice. The first Stealth wireless receiver and charger set is a snap to install, as the former is ultra-thin and fits under the S3’s existing back cover without much fuss, retailing for $68 a pop. As for the second Simple wireless receiver back cover and charger set, it is also easy to install, adding around 1 mm to the thickness and will retail for $98. The third Super Pack model will come in the form of an external case that has a built-in wireless receiver and rechargeable back up battery, requiring you to slide the Galaxy S3 into it, and it will be the most expensive of the lot at $118.

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