In the past, I’ve written about iPad games that, in my opinion, are helping bring about an era of high-quality, in-depth and complex mobile games – including Infinity Blade II, Chaos Rings II and Lume, among others.

Despite these games’ successes in helping redefine the mobile platform, I’ve always found certain problems with their execution. These games often result in “style over substance,” with beautiful graphics sometimes hiding subpar stories, simple gameplay or overly convoluted concepts that muddle the game’s artistry.

But for the first time, that’s not the case here. I can say with confidence that I’ve found an iPad game with equal amounts of style and substance. A game that will help revolutionize the way we think about mobile games and what they can accomplish. It is a game that is, essentially, flawless – and believe it or not, it’s a puzzle game.

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