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If you are tired of the classic mice, similar to each other and only slightly different in appearance. Or touchpad for you – is not an option. Then, a new development company, called Evergreen DN-45545 – this is what you need.
We present you a very strange gadget that is unlike any other device. But this also is a computer mouse. Forget about the horizontal position arm on a mouse – in this way a mouse you can not keep. Imagine a better, that keep your hands stick to flight simulation – it will be the most convincing comparison. As the developers, they have spent a lot of time working on the ergonomics of the housing Evergreen DN-45545. Developers have perfected this device. As a result, the mouse received a highly original form, and its surface is almost completely covered with rubber. Package also includes a cradle under the brush, but it can be removed.

Future technology Mouse for innovators

Equipment Evergreen DN-45545 has four function keys. Separately, there is a button switch sensor resolution and the scroll wheel. The maximum resolution of the sensor is 1600 dpi. DN-45545 is a manipulator with wire cable 1.5 meters. Device weighs 160 grams and has dimensions 135h100h82 millimeter.

Future technology Mouse for innovators

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Space mouse
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Level 10 M – futuristic gamer mouse
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