iOS 6 for iPad

iOS 6 – the latest annual major update to the iPad (and all iDevices) operating system – is out now, available to download and install.

You can update to iOS 6 over the air (if you are currently running iOS 5) or when connected to a PC and iTunes.

iOS 6 brings a total of over 200 new features, including a number of notable new features for the iPad.

I imagine Apple’s update servers will be getting hammered for at least the next few hours, so if you have the patience you might want to wait until this evening to update.

I’ve been running the developers Gold Master build for a few days now, which appears to be identical to the public release, so I’m set on the iPad – though I do need to update my iPhone later on.

Whenever you manage to get updated, let us know in the comments how it went for you and what your favorite new features are.