iOS wannabes

“App store volume has become a non-story,” Dan Rowinski reports for ReadWrite. “Quantifying the quality of apps between iOS and Android is a different matter altogether.”

“The general perception is that iOS apps in Apple’s App Store are of better quality than their Android counterparts in Google Play. There has been really no way to quantify that though the history of the mobile app ecosystem,” Rowinski reports. “Until today. We can finally say, through quantifiable data, that iOS apps on aggregate are of better quality than Android.”

Rowinski reports, “By uTest’s metrics, iOS apps have a mean Applause Score of 68.53. Android apps average Applause score is 63.34. The margin of difference between the two is ~8%… iOS ranks higher in nine of 11 top app categories…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Non-news for anybody who’s tried both iOS devices and the best iOS device wannabes out there: In general, iOS apps are simply better than their Android counterparts.

Smart developers focus on iOS. Fragmandroid is an afterthought, if it’s bothered with at all.