ipad for streelights

The City Council in Westminster, London is working on releasing brand new smart street lighting that is able to be controlled with an Apple iPad.

These intelligent lights will let technicians know when they are broken or about to fail, facilitating the quick repair or replacement of damaged bulbs. The brightness level of the bulbs can also be lowered or raised with the mere tap of a button on the iPad.

After a successful pilot program, the council plans to replace all 14,000 of its current streetlights over the next four years. Though the initial investment will cost over 3.25 million pounds, the cost will be recouped with energy and maintenance savings over the next seven years.

The lights will save tax payers more than 420,000 pounds per year after 2015, while ensuring that all of them remain functional. According to council member Ed Argar, “This provides people in Westminster with the light they require to feel secure and continue to function safely in a 24-hour city. But it will also reduce our energy bill by nearly 1million every two years. A huge saving that we can pass onto the taxpayer.”

Though the roll-out will take four years to complete, it is scheduled to begin soon.

[via West London Today]