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We gave Catalog Spree a cursory look early last year, but this app is so conveniently easy to use that we had to revisit it. So just what is Catalog Spree? Well, it’s an app that aggregates catalogs from an array of different companies.

When Catalog Spree first debuted, it only featured 12 different catalogs, but now the app is home to hundreds of catalogs including those from major retailers like Macy’s and Nordstrom. That’s an impressive evolution for the app, which is now a one stop shop for everything you might need!

To use the app you will need to register, with an email address and a password. You can also use Facebook to login, which is quicker and more convenient, but expect at least one email from the company.

After you log in you’re free to use the app however you choose. There’s a splash page that shows you some of the most popular catalogs in a specific category (one of this week’s specials is gifts for pets) and a navigation bar at the top of the app.

You can browse catalogs alphabetically, but it’s a lot more fun to browse by department. There are sections for women, men, kids, home, occasions, and more, which includes all the bits and pieces that don’t fit anywhere else.

Each category is further broken down into more bite sized pieces. For example, in the women’s category, you’ll find sections like apparel, beauty, shoes, and accessories, which is a great way to find specific items.

When you select a category, you’ll be taken to the appropriate catalogs. Selecting women’s apparel gives me selections like Alloy, Anthropologie, and Neiman Marcus, which I can then tap to browse through.

You can view catalogs in landscape or portrait mode, and each one is filled with images of products. Navigation is easy – just swipe to flip the page, but make sure you have an internet connection. If you don’t, nothing will load.

You can tap on a product to see it closer, and to get more information. You can save your favorite products, or tap “visit store” to be taken directly to the website where you can purchase the item.

There are options for sharing items on Facebook, tweeting them, and pinning them to Pinterest, so you can keep an eye on all your favorite stuff. You can also subscribe to your favorite catalogs and get notified by email when they are updated.

Purchasing items directly from the app is dangerously convenient, so don’t pick up this app if you’re in a mood for frivolous spending! It is, however, a great way to find all of your holiday gifts in one easy to use spot.

What I liked: Having a huge selection of popular catalogs right at my fingertips is an easy way to get gift ideas. I loved the organization of the app – getting to browse specific sections of catalogs is a unique feature that Catalog Spree is able to provide.

What I didn’t like: The app is slow to load content. When clicking on a new section I often had to wait for images to load, and if you don’t have an internet connection, you won’t be able to load anything at all.

To buy or not to buy: If you’re a shopaholic, you might want to stay far away from this app! You’ll be engrossed in it for days.

  • App Name: Catalog Spree
  • Version Reviewed: 4.2.1
  • Category: Catalogs
  • Developer: Padopolis
  • Price: Free
  • Score: