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I love fish. I love going to aquariums to see sharks, jellyfish, and stingrays. I love visiting the fish section of my local pet shops to see the beta fish, seahorses, and various underwater plant life. What I don’t like is taking care of the little stinkers. The cost of a fish take alone is enough to keep me from ever delving into the world of aquatic pet ownership. Toy maker “Wow! Stuff” has a solution that is more than just an app with virtual fish.

Wow! Stuff has been making the Toy Fair circuit lately, but the company is getting a lot of attention for its AppConverter line of toys. These iPad and iPhone docks turn your plain old devices into real toys. The company has a pinball machine iPad dock that lets you launch the ball with a physical launcher and tap the buttons on the side of the table to trigger the virtual flippers on the app. The pinball machine replica even includes a point display on the headboard for quick view.

Pinball machine docks for the iPad are a dime a dozen. But a physical fish take that you can add your own real-life decorations to is what stands out in this line of AppCoverter toys.

The “iQuarium,” (a nickname that was dubbed by Pocket-Lint) is a display that lets you put real toys inside a specially designed dock and then, using your iPad, projects virtual fish onto the glass so that it looks like you have fish in the tank.

Using a 45-degree angle and glass reflector, the tank holds the iPad in place and reflects the images on the screen. When combined with the real tank, this clever gadget lets you have digital aquatic life mixed with real-life decorations.

When prompted, the fish will swim into formation and display the current time and there is also a companion iPhone app that lets you go fishing for your pets by using the iPhone as a rod to hook them in.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect virtual aquarium, but haven’t been satisfied with the current genre of pay-to-feed tanks available in the App Store, this could be the right fit.

Wow! Stuff’s iPad pinball machine and iQuarium are still in beta and there is no word on how soon or how much the gadgets will cost. We will be sure to let you know when we find out.

[Via: Gizmodo]