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Highly awaited iPhone 4 music app FreeStyle version 2.1 with exciting features

I used this app on my friend’s iPhone 4 and started loving it, the FreeStyle is a purely songwriter’s app with functions and features to make easy use for writing, recording and sharing song lyrics and music with friends. The app is a must watch for Hip-Hop community as the new version of the app with a couple of tweaks and performance enhancements is now released. Among some best feature is the option to share your tunes on iTunes.

I have never been a fan of paid apps, but the features and options in FreeStyle make it a worthwhile app in just $1.99. For those using it on iPhone 4 would definitely love the app. It significantly helps songwriter (like my friend) to record, use a notepad, rhyming and using its extensive library wherever you go. This means when you are in creatively inspirational mood, you never miss your tune.

Moreover, you can upload your recording to Facebook and Twitter at your convenience from iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The FreeStyle was launched last year and quickly became the top selling iPhone music app in just two months. Now a lot of expectations are from this updated version of FreeStyle.

As I see it, the interface has some changes included along with some robust sharing features for Facebook lovers and best of all the integration ability on iTunes. This features amazes and interests most of the music lovers as they can directly use iTune their creation right from this app. 14 original beats in library, 96,000 rhymes are included in the library to help new users in developing their own music easily. Most importantly, the app doesn’t need internet connection for every function it offers. Cheers for music lovers, don’t forget to comment your rating about the app.

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