Few days ago, Facebook declared the new figures regarding usage of Facebook app on its site and its integration into mobile phones like Android and iPhones. According to Facebook, at present there are a total of three fifty apps on Facebook which brings in 1 million active customers each month. Company also stated that there are about two hundred thousand Android and iPhone apps that are in integration with Facebook.
According to Facebook, in the month of June facebook was at the 7th position among top 10 apps on iPhone and in August it was at 8th position. In the month of August, about 150 million users visited the apps on Facebook and there were about 235 million gamers. The recent figure shows that there are about 251 million gamers and about 220 million users that visit the app per month.

Company further added that among the 400 iOS apps more than 45% use Facebook SDK. The company also highlighted its association with several eweb and mobile apps and for this reason they call themselves “social building block”.

Facebook seems to be the fastest growing network. With this growth comes the responsibility and therefore Facebook is now thinking to deal with the consumer desire on its site for features that have been introduced by new networks.

A Le Web conference was held in Paris in the month of December this year, in which Facebook revealed that Paris has acquired the second place for development of Facebook timeline app while San Francisco is at the third place.

Social game ranking by Facebook for the year 2012:

Few days back, Facebook announced the top 25 social games for the year 2012. Only those games were included which were launched in 2012 and which had 100,000 active users per month. Games were ranked by looking at the star ratings by user and the engagement levels of user.

SongPop, a game by music trivia is at the top position in 2012. Majority of these games belong to places outside U.S which include France, U.K, Spain, Australia, South Korea, Brazil

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iPhone 5S

As Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5S enters mass production, we’re seeing all of the puzzle pieces fall into place. Photos are leaking, new details are trickling out, and rumors of production issues and possible delays are spreading like wildfire, just like they do every year. Now, a new report from Weibo user and claimed insider C Technology may reveal full specs for the iPhone 5S alongside new images of the device’s case assembly seemingly taken inside Foxconn’s factory. Where specs are concerned, the upcoming new flagship iPhone will be the biggest hardware upgrade ever for an “S” device if the report’s claims pan out. Highlights include a 4-inch IGZO display with the same Retina resolution as the iPhone 5, an A6 processor clocked a bit faster than the current model, quad-core SGX 554MP4 graphics, 2GB of RAM and an upgraded LTE radio.

Read the full story at Boy Genius Report.

Many ecommerce business owners are striving to optimize their websites for use on mobile devices. Yet market research shows that iPad users are actually more likely to make a purchase than users of regular smartphones. This may be due to the larger screen size of tablets, as well as the ability to use touchscreen features like hyperlinks more effectively. There are several ways to harness the popularity of the iPad, including optimizing your ecommerce website for the tablet or even creating a special iPad app. If you already have an existing website, there are a few things you can do to make it a bit more usable for tablet owners.

Familiarize yourself with the iPad

Before you get started with reworking your website for iPad use, it’s best to become comfortable with a tablet yourself. Visit other ecommerce websites and make a note of which design features work well and which are cumbersome on the tablet’s screen. By noting these features, you can include the winning ones into your own website as you start the design process.

Use Large Features

Although the screen may be smaller, when you’re optimizing your website for an iPhone or iPad you’ll actually want to make distinguishing features bigger. It’s easier for users to navigate from one screen to the next with large visible buttons and clear categories. Don’t be afraid to maximise the size of your photos in your website templates design. Small fonts will be hard to read, so be sure to increase these to save your viewers’ eyesight.

Avoid Flash

Your existing website may have an appealing and impressive flash intro, or product videos with customized animation. Banner ads are also commonly seen on regular ecommerce sites. Yet these types of features don’t translate well to the iPad, slowing down loading times and frustrating customers to the point where they may just give up and visit another website.

Add More Checkout Options

One of the most important factors to consider when designing any online shopping site is making the checkout process as easy as possible. You may already use a website builder that gives you access to several different payment gateways on your primary ecommerce website. However, entering credit card details, addresses, and personal information on an iPad can be quite fiddly. By integrating your checkout system with larger gateways like PayPal, your customers can just log in to their existing account to pay you.

These are only a few ways to help convert visits to sales and make a visit to your online shop more user-friendly. As your business grows, you may wish to consider developing a unique app for your shop to entice even more visitors. Staying on top of the latest mobile and tablet commerce trends can help ensure that your site stays fresh, relevant, and profitable.

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Gopro is an action camera that is used to capture the daredevil actions. Most of the users have also tried it in several different actions such that playing the trombone and many more. It is said that people who play extreme sports should not carry smart phones with them as the smart phones and the sports are the biggest enemies of each other. If these people bring their smart phone while they are doing daredevil stunts its sure that phones are going to be lost or broken.
Due to this reason daredevil stunts taker has turned to the Gopro as it’s an action camera that can easily capture daredevil stunts without any fear of being lost or broken. And now there is a company that has developed a camera to challenge Gopro action camera.

G-Form which was founded by avid athletes has developed products in athlete’s point of view. The company has revealed G90 action sports camera that can turn any kind of smart phone and ipod touch into a sports action camera. The G90 case is an exclusive technology that enables smart phones and ipods to be plane mounded as very flat shape. It is assumed that this G90 case is going to exceed all the sports cameras in the market and going to give a tough competition to such other cameras. The cost of the Gopro action camera is $200 whereas the cost of G90 sports action camera is $300. But the additional cost of G90 sports action camera is due to the several different unique features that G90 have in it.

In the coming future, G90 sport action cameras will be taken as an alternative of Gopro action cameras. G90 case is going to be available in the beginning of this coming June 2013. It will be available for the wide range of devices such as Ipod, iphone 5, Samsung S4 and many other devices. One can easily capture things through G90 sports action camera without the fear of getting it lost or broken.

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Its literally raining rumors about the budget iPhone from the past few days. There is hardly a single day when we don’t see a rumor or a leaked image of the budgeted iPhone. Few days back, a few images of the purported device leaked on the internet with back covers as well. A few more images of the so-called budget iPhone have been leaked on the internet, compared with the current iPhone 5.

iphone low cost

iPhone For Dummies: Includes iPhone 3GS

A full-color guide to the iPhone, including the new iPhone 3G SWith its new 3G S model, the iPhone is definitely the must-have mobile device. This fully updated guide covers all the cool features of the fastest iPhone ever, including the Spotlight search feature, voice control, and video camera capability.iPhone For Dummies, 3rd Edition also covers the basics of using the multitouch interface, setting up iTunes, browsing the Internet, sending and receiving e-mail, and more.The iPhone 3G S is the

Quit smoking iPhone App is being conducted by the Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in collaboration with the University of Washington and 2Morrow Mobile, for those Adults who are addicted of daily smoking and started at least past year. Those adult smokers who want to quit smoking within 30 days are needed to study this App.Led by Jonathan Bricker, Ph.D., a psychologist based in the Public Health Sciences Division at Fred Hutch, this smart Quit study will randomly delegate participants to help one of two iPhone program quit-smoking applications. The goal of the learning is to understand which of the two applications will be the handiest for those of you who are giving up smoking.

Bricker said that this is the first-ever research of any kind of mobile phone application with regard to laying off smoking, an associate member of the Fred Hutch Public Health Sciences Division. Touch screen phones or smart phones are really a potentially groundbreaking quit-smoking instrument because you could avail its assistance at anyplace. Possibly Programs may be given to the participants randomly. Interactive tools intended for interacting better and more effectively, and a step by step guide is intended to stop using tobacco, Personal plans are also proposed by this App not even stop smoking but also remain quit of it.

Both programs are totally free. Members will likely be enquired to complete on-line questionnaires, which include one particular short follow-up survey in the up coming two months. They may obtain $25 following completing this two-month follow-up survey.

Its Eligibility criteria include:

The age of the participant should be 18 or older, smoked at least five cigarettes in a day and practicing it from past year and now wanting to terminate smoking in the next 30 days becoming keen in understanding the skills to relinquish smoking.

Bricker as well as his colleagues gratefully acknowledge that assistance and support to operate this work which was given by the Hartwell Innovation Fund.

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