iPod accesories

  • Safely carry and cover your ipod touch 4g with this silicone skin
  • Protects your ipod touch 4g with this soft gel skin
  • This skin provides protection against unnecessary scratches, bumps, etc
  • Designed to fit the newest ipod touch 4g by Apple
  • It molds perfectly to device’s shape to highlight its beauty

Premium Green Soft Gel Silicone Skin Case Cover for Apple iPod Touch 4G, 4th Generation, 4th Gen

I’m about to get an iPod Touch (4th Generation) and I want to order a case before so when I get it, I already have a case coming. My question is which type of case should I buy? Skin, Silicone, or Plastic? I’m leaning towards skin, because I want less bulk and I really like all of the choices. I want something with a design for sure. What will provide the best protection though? Surely the skin type wont be very safe for it! Many of my friends iPods have cracked screens from dropping it, and they had plastic hard cases! Also, I’ve heard that with silicone cases and hard cases, dirt can get stuck between the case and the iPod and scratch it up without you knowing! So I’d like to hear your experiences and opinions. And if you could, a compare and contrast of the different types. I will choose best answer! These are the three I like: