iXtreme iPhone Case

This is one for gamers who like mobile gaming on the way to and from work, but would like to get just a little bit more control of the device. The iXtreme Adventure and Gaming Case offers the user greater control for gaming and for making cool videos of extreme sports etc. This case is also water and shock proof too, so it going to look after the device inside.

These are the details and features for the iXtreme Adventure and Gaming Case for iPhone 4 & 5;

Many of us have been using our iPhone as our primary camera, camcorder, GPS, mobile computer, and more, but the iPhone can be difficult to handle without blocking the lens, when wearing gloves, or for extended periods. iXtreme let’s you do all of those things with unbreakable and water-tight protection, a removable wide-angle lens, and flexible mounting options like iX Grips.

Early backers of this project will be able to get their hands on one of these cases for just $54 ( 34) or up to $74 ( 47) depending on availability etc.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]