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We can’t help but scrutinize our own features. Ever since we’ve had access to a mirror and an understanding that our face and hair combination looks better on some days rather than others, we’ve been looking at ourselves in any reflective surface we can find. That could be why there’s been such a rise in selfies as of late.

If you just love your face so much that you wish you could include it in more aspects of your day, then why not burn your face onto some toast? The Toasted Selfies is a surefire way to make your family think you’re full of yourself. If you have a picture of your face that you’re really fond of, then you can pay $75 to get a custom toaster that will burn that same picture into every piece of bread that goes into it. It even comes with a full color water peel decal of your chosen photo on the side.

You can pick an accent color for the primarily white toaster to be blue, red, yellow, green, or powder (white?). You’ll need to make sure your image is nothing under 150k, and will have to wait a week for your custom toaster to be created. Seeing that you’ll be spending a lot of money on this toaster, make sure it’s either a really great picture of you, or of your enemy so that you can never forget to seek out revenge upon them for all eternity. This could be a really great and weird gag gift, but it’s a tad too expensive for a couple of laughs.

Available for purchase on burntimpressions

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“Sign up for Uncle Sam and you are in for three square meals a day!”, or so that is what I have been told concerning wartime propaganda in the past. Life was a whole lot tougher then, especially when nations are warring against one another. Well, there was no way to induce such a literal meaning to your meals back then, but here we are in the 21st century, and there is very little concerning food that we cannot do. With the 9.99 Rice Cube, you can literally turn your meal of rice into a square one.

If you tend to host plenty of folks in your home every single week, and want to offer something that will result into a conversation starter, then the Rice Cube makes plenty of sense, as your everyday serving of rice is turned into art. Talk about composing cool cubic culinary creations, and it allows you to churn out sexy looking sushi, desserts as well as snacks in a matter of seconds. Simple in form and function, but devastatingly cool utensil if you want to rack up the compliments from your guests for your creativity. Made from food safe plastic, it is dishwasher safe and is also 100% recyclable.
[ Rice Cube lets you spice things up in the kitchen copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, but perhaps you might change your mind when you take a look at the 19.99 Corkcicle Color which will come in blue, green, orange and pink shades. After all, anytime is always a good time for some wine, and when you pair it up with the right kind of fine dining food, it becomes exquisite. Thing is, when you live in an area that is enveloped in a warm climate, the big challenge when it comes to drinking wine is in keeping the wine chilled.

Perhaps it is time to forget about drippy ice-buckets, as the Corkcicle Color will be able to slot comfortably right into the top of your bottle, ensuring that your wine remains chilled from within while keeping out any of them nasty insects who decide to make your bottle of wine their temporary home. The Corkcicle Color is made from a thermal gel which has been completely sealed from within the elegant icicle shape, ensuring that it will be able to retain its temperature for a longer period than ice, and far more important, ensuring that your favorite wine does not end up diluted after a while.