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In quarter 4th 2012, Apple has taken 34% market share and for the first time it has reached to the top of the US phone maker chart. It has successfully managed to ship almost 17.7 million units. In the same time period, Samsung has stood second with almost 32.3% market share, shipping almost 16.8 million smartphones. LG coped up third position in the market place, yet it is far lagging behind Samsung and Apple, encountering 9% market share with 4.7 million unit sales.

Despite Samsung has lost its share in the fourth quarter of 2012, yet they have become the top most sellers in the full year. It has enjoyed 31.8% market share defeating Apple with 26.2% and LG with only 12.3% market share for the whole year.

Strategic analytics has claimed that Apple is being managed to avail this position in last quarter, because of iPhone 5 and take over the leading position Vs Samsung. Yet Samsung has attained five more points in fourth quarter, from the earlier year. The analytics further added that this rise is not sufficient enough to defeat Apple.

In US, LG has struggled to hold its third place and compete against Samsung and Apple, in the high end market of smartphones. For this LG has introduced its Optimus G 4G LTE, according to the analysts Mr. Linda Sui.

In another report shared for North American mobile market, analyst has proclaimed that mobile shipment units will grow four percent for the US market and will reach to 52 million units in fourth quarter. The last quarter sales of 2011 were 50.2 units and market has faced robust demand for the 3G and 4G featured smartphones.

As compared with the sales of third quarter, fourth quarter sales have been contracted by 16 percent and this is due to the strict policies of carrier up-gradation and economic uncertainty. In the year 2012, the sales of mobile phones have been shrunken down by 11% or it has been fallen down from 186.8 million units to 166.9 million units.

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