marvel comics

Marvel Comics have been available on the iPad piecemeal for quite some time now, at a cost of approximately $3.99 per comic. Marvel has also offered free digital downloads with print copies, but now there’s an even better way for comic addicts to get an affordable comic fix on the iPad – the new Marvel Unlimited comic subscription service.

The Marvel Unlimited app offers iOS users access to Marvel’s full catalog of 13,000 comics for just $60 per year or $10 a month. That’s 70 years worth of comics for the cost of a few lattes, which is not a bad deal for those of you who like to read a whole lot of comics.

TechCrunch, however, points out that there are a few limitations on the service. Apparently, the titles available in the app are all older comics. The newest available comic is from mid-2012, which is a bit of a bummer if you don’t want to read your comics on a six month delay.


The app’s subscription service is only going to provide comics after they’ve been out for six months, as a way to encourage potential comic buyers to purchase new comics at full price. Brand new comics can be found in Marvel’s other app, Marvel Comics.

Six comics for offline reading is also a bit restrictive, as that’s not a lot of content if you have a long plane or road trip planned. Still, Marvel’s subscription service is a decent deal if you are new to comics or if you want to re-read some of your old favorites. According to a Marvel spokesperson, the app in its current form is “Phase 1” of Marvel Unlimited, with additional improvements coming later this year.

Marvel Unlimited can be downloaded from the App Store for free.