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wunderlist 520x245 Nearing 5m users, Wunderlist gets support for file attachments as business pricing is launched

6Wunderkinder is making a play for the enterprise market thanks to two new additions to the Pro version of its cross-platform Wunderlist task management app today.

Files – including images, spreadsheets, presentation decks, PDFs and audio – can now be added to tasks. While possibly of use to individuals, it’s easy to see how working teams could find this useful, with a project leader being able to share out tasks such as ‘update our brochure’ while attaching the current version to the task for reference.

Meanwhile, in a more overt play to the enterprise market, Wunderlist now has team and business pricing for the first time. There are six pricing tiers, ranging from $22.99 per month for 5 people, up to $1,749.99 for 500. 6Wunderkinder says that 40,000 teams and businesses already use Wunderlist, and the new pricing includes savings of between 10 and 30 percent over standard Pro accounts, which may well encourage others to take the plunge.

Wunderlist launched Pro accounts in April this year and Berlin-based 6Wunderkinder says that the app is now approaching the five million registered users mark across both paid and free accounts.

Wunderlist Pro

JoliCLoud2 520x245 Cloud services aggregator Jolicloud 2 arrives with combined Drive and Home, Feedly integration

Jolicloud 2 is now available in open beta and introduces a number of new features to the cloud service aggregator, such as a unified approach to accessing different storage and content services.

If you’re unfamiliar with Jolicloud 2, you can think of it as a bit like an iGoogle replacement – but it’s also much more.

Unlike its other products, like JoliOS, Jolicloud 2 runs entirely in the browser, and for this update has been significantly revamped to bring a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach to keeping track of your online storage (Google Drive, Box, DropBox etc.) and content services (Feedly, Picasa, Instagram, etc.) through the introduction of the Home and Drive sections.

Switching between the two is as easy as hitting the icon at the top of the screen (shown below).

hwp split@2x 730x380 Cloud services aggregator Jolicloud 2 arrives with combined Drive and Home, Feedly integration

There’s also a freshly-introduced ‘What’s New’ section that will act as an auto-updating feed pulled from your various connected streams, whether that’s from SoundCloud, Flickr, Picasa, or any of the other supported sources. Also newly added is the option to integrate your Feedly account and display updates filtered by Popular, Subscriptions, Categories, Tags, Topics, Favorites or Recently Read.

A new Library option now allows you to keep track of all your ‘likes’ from across any of your connected services too, which could prove to be a handy way of keeping track of things if you’re a prolific clicker of the like button. Additionally, items ‘liked’ within Jolicloud will be shown as likes on the respective networks too.

hwp library@2x 730x380 Cloud services aggregator Jolicloud 2 arrives with combined Drive and Home, Feedly integration

With a slick interface, integration with a range of major services and the ability to access everything from virtually anywhere through the browser (it works best in Chrome/Chrome OS, but should work with other browsers too), JoliCloud’s update is well worth checking out if you’re still seeking an iGoogle replacement or just want a way to keep track of all your cloud services in one place.

Jolicloud 2 Housewarming Party