Raspberry Pi Model A

Model A

Around a year and a half after its announcement, the wait for the $25 Raspberry Pi Model A is finally over, as the unit is now rolling off the production line. The Model A is the cheaper of the two models, having 256MB of RAM compared to the Model B’s 512MB, one USB port compared to the B’s two, and no Ethernet compared to the B’s one.

The Model A is cheaper, and though the $35 Model B is more versatile, the Raspberry Pi Foundation still views the Model A as an extremely useful product, mainly due to the significantly lower power consumption compared to the B. The Foundation says that they’ve seen a demand for the less robust, less expensive Model A from people making industrial control modules, roboticists, and even people wanting to create the cheapest media center possible.

The reason why the team hasn’t produced the less powerful Model A yet is simply because the Model B has been in much higher demand, and the two models use the same parts. The Foundation made the choice to continue with the Model B and meet the higher demand, and it’s hoping to get the $25 units out into the wild early into the new year.

Production of the unit is taking place at a Sony plant in Wales, and the Foundation expects all production of the Model A units — regardless of distributor — to be produced there for the foreseeable future. If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the unit, head on over to Farnell or RS Components, and remember to be patient, because everyone seems to want a Pi.

via RasPi Blog